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The journey has been long and nothing short of excitement, learning and discoveries. Indian Princess Fashion came into existence with the start in the year 2010.

Honed and metamorphosed by efforts of excellent fashionista’s and masters of the trade, Indian Princess Fashion comprises of a pool of highly creative, skilled and talented fashion designers who dare to be different yet chic. Every single design is a unique creation and demonstrates a novel vision and approach. The response to this label has been overwhelming and highly appreciated, be it their eye for detail or elegance, style and high fashion quotient.

Their journey as designers reached the next level with the grand success of Indian Princess 2011, February . The beautiful evening gowns designed for the top 20 contestants with the theme as ‘Jungle’ for the final sequence of Indian princess 2011 received great domestic and international exposure and also helped put us on the global map for not only gorgeous faces but elegance, enamored designs and breath-taking creativity.

The Indian Princess Fashion team with their efficient pool of designers are constantly working on the latest fashion trends and on-goings with the global fashion world. Not only do they help raise the glam quotient several notches higher for the pretty faces but also act as mentors for them to present themselves more gracefully and elegantly while sashaying down the runways.

The Indian Princess Fashion Team had also created its first International collection line for ‘Miss Polonia Of Lodz Region, Poland’ in June 2011 with unprecedented success and applause. These collections displayed gowns with ethnic touches and were worn by the top 10 contestants of Miss Polonia further to which they were retailed in the International Markets.

In today’s cluttered market where competition expectations are sky rocketing, Indian Princess Fashion humbly claims to be uniquely different and innovative with its every created design. It’s signature lines, classy cuts, breath-taking designs and everything a wardrobe that you wish would want to have!


Tangerine participated at the Washington DC fashion week September 2011 and received immense appreciation.