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A remote beach paradise – that offers you luxury beyond your expectations!

Designed along the lines of elegant Portuguese style villas, the resort overlooks the wide expanse of the ocean. The tropical inspired interiors are the epitome of sensuality and privacy. Its ambience greets you invitingly! The welcoming warmth transports you into a word of relaxation and romance.

“Beach side spa, Yoga and Meditation Pavilion, Riviera style infinity pool, Atlantic – a multi cuisine restaurant & bar, Tides – a beach side open-deck restaurant the charming culture villages. The array of facilities provided are a prime attraction for guests. It offer you a little Kingdom of unexpected treasures, a never before experience of fun, excitement and restful recreation.

The vision is to impart the services / business in Hospitality & Tourism field at par with global standard.

Training and Grooming of the Indian Princess contestants is carried out at this serene resort.